Friday, 17 May 2013

My Happy Place

It's summer. Today is a bit windy, not much, but enough to blow my hair in a crazy mess. The sky is blue and big fluffy clouds are floating by. The sun is shining bright, it tickles my nose. There is a bird, a beautiful, unusual bird I never saw before, sitting on a branch. The bird is singing; the song is so sweet and charming. I join in. Flowers of all colours -  pink, red, orange, yellow... so many of them and they are all dancing in the wind to the bird's song. This is my happy place, this is my flowery colourful world that inspires me.

One more raw edge appliqué has been finished. How much fun it was to work on this piece! The branch is done by freestyle machine embroidery; the girl is a hand stitching. The possibilities of arranging the fabric scraps by colour and print were endless and this time around not that difficult. At first I was going to create a colourful mess similar to my previous work, but then I decided to try something different (I can never stick with the original plan) - to give the background a more distinctive natural look of sky and a grass patch with flowers. While stitching the tree branch I was concentrating on the bird but once finished I realised that the pink flower and the cherries were in a perfect place as well. This appliqué has been framed in a simple white frame and it's awaiting to be hung in my creative space.

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