Sip Tea and EPP

It's been a few months since Lauren @mollyandmama and I @stitchingnotes started a weekly fun sew along for English Paper Piecing lovers.

If you are new here and have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain. Every Sunday night me and Lauren meet on Instagram over a cup of tea or any other drink we might like, we work slowly on our long forgotten EPP projects or we start something new. We pick a subject for the evening and invite everyone to share their work, thoughts, ideas and tips and maybe ask questions. It is a wonderful community of kind and generous people who are keen to share their knowledge and love for English Paper Piecing.

This party has been wonderful so far with many people joining us from all over the world for some slow stitching that brings calm and joy and warms your heart. It does not have to be on Sunday night, any time throughout the week when you get inspired or you can have a few minutes to yourself, make yourself a cuppa, get comfy and start stitching away. Make sure to take a photo of your work, post it on your public Instagram account, tag me @stitchingnotes and Lauren @mollyandmama and use the #sipteaandepp hashtag so we can easily find you and leave a comment on your post. It's that easy.

Every second week we explore a new theme and I was thinking that it would be very helpful putting together all the information that has been discussed so far in one place where it would be easier for every one to find it if you need it.

Here is a list of themes that we have already discussed and the future topics. I will be adding information with each passing week here. So if you have any questions or need some help with starting your first ever EPP projects, this place would be your starting point. Please come and join us!
  • Needles and Pins (to be updated)
  • Threads (to be updated)
  • Papers (to be updated)
  • Glue Basting (to be updated)
  • Thread Basting (to be updated)
  • EPP Storage (to be updated)
  • Scissors (to be updated)
  • Fussy Cutting (to be updated)
  • Best Projects for Beginners (to be updated)
  • Thimbles (to be updated)
  • Sewing EPP Shapes Together (to be updated)
  • How to Finish EPP Quilt (to be updated)
  • Thread Conditioning
  • Books on English Paper Piecing
  • Being Productive
Happy slow stitching! Larisa xox

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