Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lavender and Bees

Some time ago, while shopping for fabric, I came across this lovely cotton with lavender flowers and buzzy bees on it. The combination of mauve and yellow, and a tiny splash of green caught my eye, the little bees added more excitement to my find. Once I saw the fabric, I knew what I was going to make. 

Yes, of course a drawstring bag. I still enjoy making them, I had quite a few stacked away in a special box with my handmade goodies but they all found a new home to go to. So this is a good time to update my stash with more bags in a new style. This was my first attempt at using two different types of fabric and I absolutely like the look of it. I made new ends for the cords as well - this time trapezoid shape. I could not stay away from my favourite running stitch, had to add just a tiny finishing touch. The yellow embroidery thread is a bit too pale but still looks good. The purple one is just right to my liking. Have you made any drawstring bags lately?

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