Monday, 17 June 2013

Kiss Lock Coin Purse

Something small, cute and simply adorable. A kiss lock coin purse. Two to be exact. 

While shopping for some embroidery floss a while ago, I came across kiss lock frames. I thought they were cute, they made me smile because they reminded me of purses both my Grandmas used to have a long long time ago when I was a little girl. The purses were not fancy but rather simple, made of dark brown leather with fabric lining. My Grannies used to keep folded notes, coins and even house keys in these bag-like purses. I wish I kept them.

So after looking at the frames at the shop and smiling, holding them and looking a bit more, and letting the sentiments of my childhood memories fill my mind, I bought the frames. I did not plan on using them, I just bought them, I had to have them. They were lying in a box with some other supplies until last week when I had the urge to make something different, something I never made before. I pulled the frames out, checked out my fabric stash, played a bit with cardboard and pencil while making a pattern, stitched using some old fabric to test the pattern and some time later I had my very own fabric Kiss Lock Purses. Now you can find a FREE TUTORIAL HERE.

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