Sunday, 1 December 2013

Work in Progress: Mushroomy Mood

I am in a mushroomy mood at the moment. I love toadstools with their bright red caps covered in white spots. They look magical, almost mystical to me, like something from a fairy tale world, something that holds great supernatural powers. I remember going mushroom picking in autumn when I was little. Every time I saw a toadstool, brightly burning in the rays of the morning sun, I wished it was a good mushroom, I wished we could pick it and take it home in our special willow baskets made by my Grandpa. I wanted to keep them in my room among all the toys and books, to cheer the place up a bit. I felt sorry to leave them sitting there in the carpet of dry leaves, it was almost like leaving a favourite toy behind. Funny, isn't is? It was such a long time ago...

This time around I did not go mushroom picking but I had my magical forest of threads and needles that I could get lost in, and I could take the toadstools that I found on the way home, and I could even keep them. Keep them forever. What mood are you in at the moment? Hope you had a lovely weekend full of joy and magic!

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  1. darling little cross stitch Larisa! I am in the mood for... Christmas!