Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Test Run

Remember my practice in free motion stitching? Those tiny pictures? Well, I turned a few of them into something small, very simple and as always very easy to make. Key rings with reverse applique.

I don't generally try patterns/ideas out first, I don't do any test runs using some old scraps. I just jump right into action and if I make mistakes or it doesn't work out, well, too bad, I start all over. But this time was a bit different. While working on the reverse applique tutorial, I decided to try out a square shape along with the circle just to make sure that it works. I ended up with this tiny teeny square applique with the pear. I felt so sorry to throw it away and kept thinking what I could turn it into, it was such a cute piece.

A key ring seemed like a good idea. The principle for the square applique is exactly the same as in this tutorial. The rest is even more simpler. I filled the body with a tiny amount of stuffing material so that the key ring is not completely flat.

I used fabric in a contrasting colour for the inside of the frame to give a bit more definition to the "window". A few running stitches and machine stitching around the edge and it's ready.

I am happy with my test run because it led me to a new idea of key rings and it reassured me that my next project should work out too. So now I can start working on it. Happy stitching everybody! Larisa xox


  1. They are so cute and I am sure anyone would love one of those.

  2. Those are key rings that anyone would love!!! This is a great use of your block that you came up with!!!

    1. Thank you, Gina! I still have one more idea I need to finish that your comment inspired me to create. :-)