Saturday, 9 January 2016

Post-it Note Cover

I can't believe it's already 2016! Time does fly too fast. I look back and honestly I cannot tell you where the last ten months of my life have gone. Only by watching our Tiny Baby Boy happily crawling and cruising around I can tell that not just a month or two have passed, but almost a year. I am quite surprised and happy that somehow I have managed to do some sewing in between all the giggling, rocking, feeding, cleaning, nappy changing, playing and dozing off almost constantly. :-)

Post-it note fabric cover. Really needed? Not sure, but the process of constructing and sewing it was definitely a pleasure. I have to say that this is not the first project of 2016, but rather the last project of 2015. While doing Christmas shopping last year (this still sounds quite odd - "last year"), I saw a small pack of post-it notes that came in a cardboard cover, the pack of notes was simply glued to the inside of the cover. I liked the idea; it looked like something I could carry in my bag or keep on my desk.

I could not get home fast enough to get to my sewing machine, but I had to wait till the evening when the baby was asleep. I made two covers using this lovely French letters and postcards print. I especially like the stamps and I tried positioning them on the top flap of the cover, just like you would on an envelope.

One cover has a hidden magnet closure that works really well for this kind of folders, the second one (it was the first one I made) does not have any closure, but it works just fine as well.

Have a wonderful day! Larisa xox

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