Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Molly Pincushion

How many pincushions do you have? Do you always use the same one or a few for different things you make? I remember my Grandma's pincushion (for some odd reason I remember only one, I am sure she had more) that used to hang behind a kitchen door along with some scissors and other tools. It always was there so anyone who needed a needle or a pin for some quick work could find it right away instead of looking inside Grandma's large sewing machine cabinet/table.

It really looked like a cushion with a cross-stitch pattern all over the top in black, red and pink. The back side was made with Grandpa's old stripy shirt. I always wanted to use this cushion for my little dolls, but I knew that it was not meant to be used that way so I just kept looking at it and fiddling with it from time to time. The pincushion was quite worn out by the time I could pay any attention to it and even had small tears here and there, but it was too special to be thrown out. I still want to make myself a pincushion like that, not with the same pattern because I do not remember it well enough, but something similar, with a handmade loop for hanging it.

Well, I on the other hand have many different pincushions and I like to swap them, use them for different projects or keep some for pure pleasure as decorations on my shelves. Molly is the latest pincushion I have made. The pattern has been created by a very talented Lauren of Molly and Mama who is amazing at sewing with felt. Her creations are always unique, delicate and pretty. This pincushion is a pleasure to sew, the instructions are clear and so beautifully presented. This pincushion sits proudly on one of my shelves and makes me smile every time I look at it.

The little mat above I made for a private swap with a very talented girl from Poland. She is amazing at crafting with paper, something I am not good at. We arranged a swap of a few small things that we both like. It's a very simple mat with a reverse applique, a bit of hand embroidery and hand quilting. I just love this little cupcake piece and all the pretty petals around it!

I went through my craft books and magazines, checked a few crafty blogs and I think I found the pattern I would like to use for my new pincushion. I am going to put it on my To-Do list and when the time is right, I will stitch it and hang it in my sewing nook. As for now, I am working on a few interesting projects that I cannot wait to show you. Have a wonderful weekend! Larisa xox


  1. I really enjoy reading your childhood memories, Larisa.

    1. I wish I was a better story teller, Dina. All the lovely memories are coming back to me now as I am enjoying my sewing adventures. :-) Thank you so much for visiting! xox

  2. I recognized the designer :) I like her work,and foxy faced pincushies...
    Me I've been reluctant to actually make pincushion for myself for a long time, in spite of collecting many inspiring photos and tutorials... It didn't seem that necessary, and i could never decide *which* fabric, *which* technique... I always found where to stick the needles...I've lost quite a few,but still was 'lazy'... This year, however I managed to finally make one practical quick and cute thing. - I've been working on colourful crochet granny squares inspired by H. Philipps mini cushions... I needed 4 for each side,and somehow I got extra few, which eventually made this small pincushion I see on my table even as I type this :) It has a simple white insertion (a little pillow) which won't show signs of use as it is hidden under the yarn...which is what I Like
    Yes, after years of crafting one actually manages to make something for oneself

    1. Yes, Lauren is quite well known for her designs that always are so fun. :-) Looking back, I didn't even have a pincushion until I started my sewing adventure. I like making them now because they are so quick and easy to make and sometimes are great to try a new technique or use some lovely scraps that otherwise would be throw away. I realised that I like to have a pincushion for pins and a pincushion for needles while I am sewing. I have no idea why, but I don't like mixing the two. A pincushion with a granny square would look lovely, I am sure and Helen Philipps is wonderful, she is full of interesting ideas and her blog always has lovely photos. I think I might do just that now...visit her blog for some prettiness. Thanks, Lily! :-)

    2. thank You :)
      I'm reading Helen's new post right now! in between checking on Pinterest and news from you... multitasking...
      Must make something toadstool-y this year! :o)