Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tutorial: Origami Love Heart Bookmark

How about some origami made with fabric instead of paper? Sounds good? Well, then get your favourite prints and let's get started! We will make a pretty love heart bookmark. I am using Liberty and Hello Bear prints for my little heart.

Things you need:
  • Folding instructions ( Thank you, Clara for this inspiring origami tutorial!
  • Two pieces of light weight cotton, 6.5" x 6.5" each
  • Hot iron
  • Starch spray
  • Sewing machine (it can be done entirely by hand too)
  • Thread, needle, scissors, chopstick
Go to the link provided above and see the folding diagram to get an idea what to do. Have a few test runs with paper to make sure that you fold the paper accurately. Then decide what colour/print you want your heart to be and proceed.

Step 1: Pin both pieces of fabric, the right sides together, and stitch around leaving a small gap for turning out. I am using two different prints, but just one print works fine too.

Step 2: Cut off the corners and turn the piece the right side out through the gap.

I like using a small chopstick and a large pin for pushing/pulling the corners out. Gently push the corners out and straighten out the sides with a chopstick or any other tool you like to use. A hot iron is going to be your friend now. Gently press the piece making sure that all the sides are straight.

Step 3: Using a thin needle, stitch the opening closed using a slip stitch. Spray the piece with some starch and press really well.

Step 4: Go to the link provided and start folding, making sure that you press all the folds well after each step. This is what you should see after step 6 (of the folding diagram) is complete.

Keep folding following the instructions. This is what your origami looks like after step 14 (of the folding diagram). Do you see these two pieces (small half hexagon shapes) at the top of the heart? We are going to secure them in place using a slip stitch.

Step 5: Complete the last folding step and using a slip stitch, stitch together the edges at the back.  Press one more time and you are done!

I think I might make a few more of these hearts as small gifts for my friends. They are so much fun to create! Enjoy! Larisa xox 


  1. What a cute little page marker. I like the idea of making it with fabric.

    1. Thank you, Dina! It feels much better than a paper one for sure. :-)