Sunday, 26 March 2017

Scrappy Little Thing and Future Giveaways

I absolutely love making little pretty things! Especially now when I get constantly interrupted by my Little Man, I find this kind of projects more rewarding and fulfilling. I made this scrappy coaster using a ticker tape method and tiny precious scraps from my stash.

My fabric stash is not that large and I am still working on building it up. There are so many fabrics I would love to work with, so many prints I just want to have in my collection! I have a feeling that this "building process" is going to be a constant adventure because I find myself getting bored with a particular print or I instantly fall in love with something new I see. Sometimes I might have a fabric in my stash for a while and then I realise that it's one of those prints that I would never use.

I have two small shelves where I keep some of my fabric, mostly folded fat quarters and fat quarter rolls. All the pretty and precious prints are folded nicely and hidden away in two beautiful cardboard suit cases. Those sit on top of the shelves.

But no matter how big or small your stash is, you always will have scraps of fabric that require additional storage space. I know that majority of us crafters find it quite difficult to part with scraps and always look out for scrap busting solution.

With my Little One next to me in my sewing nook most of the time when I sew, not much storage space and a limited time for extra tidying I had to rethink my scrap storing solutions. Now I have one large basket where I keep all larger pieces mixed up. Even if my Little Helper tips it all out, it's much easier to tidy up. Then I have a medium basket where I keep smaller scraps. Mostly the once that I am working with currently. The last, the smallest basket sits on one of the shelves. That's where I keep all my fabric treasures. All those precious teeny tiny scraps that I cannot part with. They are trimmed nicely and then go in there for a future use.

I was trimming some of the scraps the other night and thought why not share them with some of you. Someone who would find a good use for them. The idea is that each month I would collect 2.5" squares of each fabric I use for my projects I am working on during that months and at the beginning of the next month I would have a small giveaway. Just a cute little pack of scraps and maybe some additional sewing notions. What do you think of this idea? We still might have 10 giveaways!

While I was getting all excited about the giveaway, I also could not help myself but to make this cute coaster after I found that tiny cup cake. I think I can make a whole placemat using the same technique. It's that much fun!

It took me too long to continue writing this post, but here I am again. These  scraps bellow were just some of the squares in a little pack that I did put together for the February giveaway on my Instagram account. It was a total success. I did not expect at all to have many people interested in such a tiny little giveaway, but it turned out to be more that 600+ entries!

Yay! Now I have decided for sure to keep this idea going and I have already begun cutting small squares for the March giveaway. It's looking so so pretty! I think that the next giveaway I am going to run not only on my Instagram account, but here, on my blog as well. Just in case you are not on Instagram, you still would get a chance to participate and maybe be the lucky winner. Stay tuned for the March giveaway that is going to be very soon! You might want to subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss on some new exciting things happening here. Happy scrappy sewing and happy weekend! Larisa xox


  1. Ooh, the giveaways are a lovely idea, Larisa. I'm so glad you are going to run it on here, as well as on Instagram. I daren't even think about looking at Instagram as I already spend far too much time online!

    1. I am glad you like the idea, Dina and I am really happy that you can now take a part in it. I am always trying to keep my online time under control so I have time for other things. :-)

  2. I love your scrappy ticker tape coaster, Larisa, it's such a pretty little project, and well done with your February Giveaway!
    I have just discovered your lovely blog via France Nadeau, and will certainly be back to visit again.
    Barbara x

  3. I can't tell you hale happy your little giveaway has made me! I'm so happy to be your first winner, and now I've seen the close-up of the fabric squares, I'm even more excited. I love the idea of spreading a little bit of love through the quilty community, and will be having my own little giveaway soon. Thank you for starting the ball rolling 😘