Friday, 20 March 2015

Little Sack Case

The "Hideaway" line by Lauren & Jessi Jung is so much fun! I bought this layer cake a very long time ago and used only tiny bits and pieces of it for various small projects. I love the colours of this collection - warm, sunny and happy. For some reason they make me think of little kids playing in the forest near a river. Must be my childhood memories...

I chose only five prints from this line for this quick project. Blue, orangey-red, green and yellow all are the warm colours of the summer. Simple four square blocks and linen. A bit of polka dot binding and of course lining, I choice micro dots in pale blue for this.

A little pouch that can be used for pencils or maybe some snacks. The closure is very simple - a fabric covered button to match the binding and a cord that wraps halfway around the pouch.

And of course a label using one of the "handmade" ribbons on the back side of the pouch to keep it away from being too plain and boring.

I have to admit, I love all things small. The smaller the cuter, and quite always very quick to make too and that's what I like.

Have a wonderful day! Larisa xox

Note: This post was written in February but only now I got a chance to finish and publish it.


  1. Darling pencil pouch and the colored pencils are cute too!!! You always come up with fun closures. I used a couple of the gingham prints from this line this week :) I hope you and the new babe are doing well!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Gina! I love the gingham from this line and almost ran out of most of it now.
      Me and the baby are doing well, it feels like this Little One was always with us. He is adorable (according to his Big Brother) and he makes sure to keep us on our toes especially in late afternoons. :-)