Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Story of a Lonely Sock

Lonely because I have managed to finish only one by now. As I said before, after watching a few podcasts by some talented girls (Jooles of SewSweetViolet and Sandra of CherryHeart), I got inspired to knit socks. I could not wait and ran to a local craft store to get some yarn. The choice there is not that great, but I was able to find some suitable material. I bought this pretty purplish-pink yarn, pale pink and blue for my little boy. Once my little boy was tucked in bed that night, I sat down comfortably and started my knitting adventure.

I was all excited and thought that having the yarn and needles would get all the knitting skills back and I would be making row after row without any problems. But I was wrong. It all started quite smoothly, but after a couple of rows I realised that my stitches were too loose and not even, I could not hold the four needles the right way, they kept slipping out of my hands. There was a large gap where the join in the round was that I did not like. I had to unravel my knitting probably more than ten times. I was becoming quite frustrated and was thinking what was the point of knitting socks when I could just go and buy whatever socks I like. In any colour, pattern, wool... Random thoughts started popping into my head and for some unknown reason, I decided to write them down. So here how it all went.

When I was little...new wool was never used for knitting socks. Who would even think of buying wool specifically for socks?! Generally darker colours were used and leftovers of different yarns, whatever you could find in your stash really. Socks were not fancy or lacy, but mostly stripy (because snippets of yarn were used). Socks were not something nice to show off, but rather a necessary item of clothing to keep one's feet warm. So why do I put myself through all this trouble just for a pair of socks?

After I finally managed to get the hang of knitting with five needles again, I felt the frustration settling down and giving way to new thoughts. Hmm...I completely forgot how highly portable knitting is. Apart from being easily carried around, it's much more safe and easy to move with knitting than with embroidery or sewings. There is no fear that a needle will get lost and prick someone's foot or hand. Even if the stitches are not even during the process, they all can be settled after a good steam treatment or wash. I prefer to knit a lot at the very beginning so I can see the pattern clearly. I like to finish with the wrong row so I can have a "fresh" start when I pick my knitting again. It actually feels nice. All these things that were so natural and easy a very long time ago were coming back to me. I think I am going to give this pair of socks a name. "Couch Socks" would be nice because I really enjoy curling up on a couch and knitting away at the moment. 

So here is my lonely "Couch Sock" that made me think of knitting after so many years of not really knitting them. The whole process brought up so many lovely warm memories of cold winter evenings when Mum used to knit for us or the days when I was old enough to join her with my own needles.

I have made some progress on this tiny blue sock for my little one as well. I cannot stop smiling while looking at it. It is so small and cute! This is my first ever baby/toddler sock. They are not much different from the adult ones, but they are much smaller and anything small is always cute. Right?

I cannot even describe the happiness and satisfaction I felt when today I put the half knitted sock on my little one's foot. My heart was flooded with warm feelings and memories of my own Mum trying socks on my feet late at night when I was already asleep. The hard edges and coolness of the needles would wake me up and once I saw what Mum was doing and saw her smiling face, I would drift back to sleep. Then in the morning I would find a pair of new socks on my bed. Even it was such a simple and ordinary piece of clothing, it still got me very excited. I am so glad I did not give up that first lonely sock and kept going. I am looking forward to finishing all the three pairs and it does not matter how long it takes, as long as I enjoy the process.

Note to self: A very helpful video tutorial "How to knit an invisible join in the round" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idghalAiuZQ

Happy knitting and crafting! Larisa xox


  1. I only learnt to knit socks a year or so ago but they are the only knitted things my grandsons will wear! I have really enjoyed reading what was going through your mind as you returned to knitting socks. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. It's interesting to "see" sometimes what is going on in your head during some crafting. So many thoughts and emotions that change quite quickly. Glad to see you here, Dina! :-)

  2. About to knit my very first sock and then happily its pair will glide off my needles lol . Thankyou for your lovely blog 😃

    1. Good luck, Robyn, with your first sock! Knitting is quite addictive and very soothing. I am glad you like my blog. Thank you for visiting! Hopefully see you here again. :-) Larisa