Monday, 29 August 2016

A Pencil Folder...

...for my little one. I just love finding inspirations in unexpected places. What could be in common between a pencil folder and a sewing machine cover?

Well, our little one loves my ticker tape sewing machine cover and every time he gets a chance to play with it, he points his tiny finger to small pictures and names them or asks "What is it?". It really is so cute to watch him do this! There are so many bright and interesting little things to see on the cover.

The other day he decided to play his usual game after he finished "drawing". He left all the pencils scattered on my desk. Yellow, red, orange, green...they matched the sewing machine cover so nicely. "Why not put the two together? The cute pictures and the pencils?" I thought. It did not take long for me to pull out some pretty scraps and start playing around.

I was glad to discover this little owl in my scraps box, an owl that I embroidered a long time ago, at the very beginning of my sewing adventure. A free pattern for this Little Owl can be found here or on the Pattern page on the blog. I turned it into a simple label that sits nicely on the Blue Caterpillars fabric from the Butterfly Dance Collection by Cinderberry Stitches by Natalie Lymer.

I made five large pockets that easily fit one thick pencil or two pencils of a regular size. For now, five pencils is more than enough for our artistic scribbles. On the right side there is one large pocket for a notebook. The tape with the numbers gives a nice firm edge to the pockets.

For the closure I decided to use a fabric covered button and a simple hair elastic. It's quite loose, but it would be great for practicing fine motor skills for my little one.

The leather "handmade" label is really made by hand by a very talented Tabby. We had a little private swap. I made her a mug rug and she sent me the most beautiful flipbook with lovely handmade goodies. So this label found a perfect home.

So now my little boy has his own magical world of tiny pictures. He can draw or simply look at all the cute pictures and play his game of "What is it?" with me.

Happy sewing and happy unexpected inspirations! Larisa xox


  1. I love these scrappy projects. Need to think of something for myself...I wonder if i can find so many cute 'fragments'...
    thanks for sharing :)

    1. They are great and can be turned into anything really. Any scraps can be used, any colour, pattern. I made myself a sewing machine cover a while back, a pincushion and two covers for jars to keep the sewing tools. You can find all the photos on the blog. :-)

    2. I saw them. And I saved them! (for inspiration) :)
      Yes, they are lovely... I just wonder if my stash is as versatile and ...large...(like that's possible)

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    4. I am so happy that my work inspires you, Lily! My stash is not that big (compared to some girls out there :-) ), any pieces really will do. I generally buy fabric in fat quarters so I can have more different prints. :-)

  2. What a good idea! There is so much to stimulate your Little One in so many ways. Such a sweet project.

    1. Thank you, Dina! We have been using the folder for a few days now and it's great. It does keep my Little One busy before he even gets to the notepad. His favourite is the car scrap. :-)