Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fabric Stash: New Additions

It's been a long while since I posted any fabric additions to my stash on my blog, but it does not mean that I have not been buying any fabric. It's quite the opposite actually. I have been adding small bits and pieces of different collections and random prints to my stash. Since I joined Instagram, I have discovered so many nice online fabric stores and what's even better is that some of them are local which means that the delivery costs are quite low. These adorable mice were on my shopping list for a very long time and finally I found them along with some piggies, and frogs, and kittens. Heather Ross' designs are always so fun and cute.

Have you seen Sedef's of Down Grapevine Lane "Sweet Orchard" collection? It's truly absolutely and totally sweet. I could not wait for these prints to arrive in stores. I bought this bundle from Ministry of Fabric. Alisha always has a wonderful range of fabrics and her service is great.

This little stack I picked up on my last visit to Spotlight. Just random pieces that caught my eye. I especially like the pink stripes and the Little Red Riding Hood.

It did not take me long to cut into the Little Red Riding Hood fabric and make something quite useful. I always enjoy the planning part of any project and the gathering of all the supplies as much as the sewing itself. Choosing ribbons, threads, tags always excites me.

I made a needle book and a quilted round basket for small bits and bobs. I also made a couple of needle minders and a few small fabric covered buttons. You can find a template for this lovely button card, created by Elea of Elea Lutz Design here. Just print it out, glue it on a piece of cardboard and attach your favourite buttons. It would make a lovely gift to your crafty friend.

Oh Liberty! I truly believe that no matter what you make with Liberty, it would always look pretty. So many different intricate patterns, so many colours, so hard to make a choice. I settled on these three prints and made three small projects that I will show you all a bit later. Ava & Neve, another Australia-based store, has an amazing range of Liberty.

These prints I bought on eBay. I love tiny polka dots and gingham prints, they are always a nice addition to some projects, so as tiny florals. I generally buy fabric in fat quarters. This way it's much easier to have a wider range of different prints and colours.

My stash is growing and it makes me happy. I am slowly learning how not to hold on to some of my precious prints and simply use them in my projects. I think I am getting better at it. :-) Have a lovely day everyone! Larisa xox


  1. They are lovely additions, Larisa :) I like dots, and mice
    Me, I feel like I've slowed down... Only yesterday after a long break I went to look for something new in a local store, and managed to find 1! print that took my fancy....
    I keep a list and even with over 300 prints I feel like I haven't got much,but the number makes you think.
    However I'm sure my fellow crafters have much more...
    Now it's already time for Christmas fabrics,I postpone buying them...but they worry me, cos each year I don't manage to use that much of them ehhh

  2. How do you organise your list, Lily? I was thinking of making one where I would probably write the name of the fabric, where and when bought and stick a swatch next to it, but I have never managed to do that.

    300 (!) prints! Maybe I should count mine. I have no idea how many I have, but when I see some people's stashes, I think that mine is tiny.

    When it comes to Christmas prints, I prefer to stay away from them because I know that most likely I won't use them and they are too specific to be used for anything else. Instead I stick to reds or some other festive colours. Only if a particular Christmas print is too cute to pass, I might get a small piece, just like the one I bought a while ago and plan on using it this year. :-)

    1. It is a good point you're making about Christmas fabrics.
      Well I decided if a cut is small I'll feel more comfortable with buying some more. Let them motivate me :) to make more gifts!...
      Also, although specific as you say,sometimes it's possible to find a fragment to use in a small non-Christmas project...(a stamp) Larger assortment is important cos it may get dull to work with the same prints...
      Even multifunctional dots & gingham...I'm not comfortable with using for Christmas what I used for summer... So that's why I need many shades. and that's why I need to keep the list
      Thank you!

    2. I generally buy FQs, it helps build the stash faster and does give you a better choice of prints. I totally see your point, Lily and I have a couple of Christmas prints that can be used for some projects apart from Christmas ones. I cannot agree more with you on the importance of a larger assortment - I do get bored easily with the same print, even if it's a very cute one. :-) Thank you for your input! I really enjoy reading your comments and suggestions/ideas. xox

  3. :)
    umm, ideally you would make a catalogue with little sample of each print. But that's too professional for me
    When I started accumulating fabrics I decided I must keep track,and at least write down a short description in a little notebook. So that's how I know the quantity. but some prints are much smaller than a fat quarter...
    Later I decided to make a digital version. a collage of small fragments of prints, organised by colour,or theme... to guide me visually...(because with time it gets easier to forget what you own, and even buy same print twice! etc)
    Sometimes it is actually helpful to be organised :)

    1. I was thinking of that, Lily, but I always feel sorry to cut a small piece of fabric for a catalogue. I really like your idea of making a digital catalogue! In that case you can take proper photos of any fabric. Thank you for the great advice!

    2. :)) Well, I'm only happy to be of use.
      Yes, I like exchanging ideas...
      You know I did have a little board of scraps instead of a catalogue...I can't find it lately so, yes, digital version helps. But the scraps I used were close to microscopic - I'm not wasting any good piece either!
      As for sizes of cuts, I used to buy bundles of stripes,.. which give larger assortment and turn out less expensive, and are quite suitable for a lover of mini-makes like me :}

    3. Well, I made 6 little festive additions so far this year (half LQs)... I think I'll be making houses...!
      Still hoping you strike me with *your* number of prints...I'm sure several hundreds is no bragging, but a normal amount for a moderately passionate seamstress who's been accumulating for *some* years (4 in my case. and I I've only used up like 3... :/ )

    4. I have not bought any fabric for Christmas yet, but today I have been thinking of making birds houses hanging ornaments again (I made a few a couple of years ago and wrote a tutorial). Little houses sounds like a great idea, there are so many little finishing touches that can be added to make them look really festive. :-) As for the number of prints, I cannot say for sure, but definitely about five hundred (I only estimated) +- which is a surprise to me because I do not consider my stash any where near large and 500 sounds like a lot. These prints are mostly fat quarters or even smaller pieces. :-) It would be interesting to see how many I have actually used, but it would be too tricky and time consuming to check. :-) Happy crafting, Lily!

  4. Thanks :)
    So ,as I thought, my amount is comparatively small...
    And it's amazing how we get tired even of the loveliest most coveted print... And I'm not after designer ones mostly...trying not to be a 'snob' :O)
    Yes, a string of houses, like a garland, can be lovely - gives opportunities of combining different colours, experimenting,and together they are certain to look pretty
    You, too, have inspiring season, Larisa

    1. I have not thought of a garland! What a great idea, Lily! I might use your idea as an inspiration if I find time for any Christmas crafting this year. :-)

  5. :) It's hardly mine! Internet is full of them (felt & fabric). Not sure who thought first, but I think I'm inspired by Helen Philipps (yet again)....