Friday, 11 November 2016


I love embroidery. Any kind really, but I have never enough patience for large patterns. So tiny motifs are the best choices for me because they take very little time to finish and they can be easily squeezed into my day. Just like these two camomiles. Delicate, simple and very pretty.

The pattern came from a lovely Japanese book that is full of tiny motifs. They are not the ones that require a lot of precision or concentration, but rather the ones that inspire you to be more creative and free in your embroidery adventures. They are also fantastic for using up small scraps of linen or other fabric you might otherwise throw away. These pretty flowers ended up on a very simple, but very delicate bookmark. A small piece of pale blue Liberty (you can never go wrong with Liberty), a snippet of lace and some cotton for backing. That's all what it takes to make a bookmark like this. If you interested, the tutorial is here.

I also made this strawberry cross-stitch without any ideas in mind, so it was hanging on the inspiration board for quite some time until I made the camomile bookmark. I paired the cross-stitched strawberry with ones printed on fabric and turned it into yet another bookmark. So simple! These bookmarks are wonderful gift ideas for a teacher or friend or a special make for your Little Ones to encourage them to read a bit more.

Happy sewing! Larisa xox


  1. Your bookmarks are delightful, Larisa. The one you made for me is in constant use and makes me smile each time I look at it.

    1. Oh, Dina, I am so glad you still use the bookmark I made for you! This really makes me happy and puts a huge smile on my face. xox