Monday, 28 November 2016

Sunny Bunny Pouch

When I saw the latest fabric "Dandelion" by Belle and Boo, I instantly fell in love with it. These bunnies flying on dandelion parachutes are simply adorable. I wanted to make something with it for my Little Boy. The only problem is that it's pink. I have nothing against pink colour being used for boys, but still I would like to keep it a bit more boyish, but quite sweet.

After much thinking and a lot more staring at this fabric, I decided to make a toddler quilt. I am sure there is no harm in using some pastels, pinks and florals for a boy at this age. After playing around with a few prints, I settled down on this simple pattern. The idea is to have about 20 blocks or so with the same centre and various solids and florals. I made one test block using pink, yellow and purple solids and florals, and I quite liked how it turned out.

Anyway, the very first test block I made was not good enough to be used for a quilt, but throwing it away was not my plan as well. A pouch! A pouch with a zip on the front would a great solution. It did not take long to sew one. It really was a fun project! A touch of hand quilting is a must. An old tiny piece of embroidery (that tiny daisy on the left tab) came in handy too.

I made a new pink block of the right size and a couple more blocks for the quilt thinking that I was on the right track, but to my surprise I am not so sure now that I like this idea. I do still like the blocks by themselves, but I don't see a way of connecting them all together at the moment. I am trying to come up with a new design idea or find a way of adding a sashing maybe to make them look "conneted". Let's see what happens.

I definitely need to buy more fabric in blue shades for the blocks. I am hoping to find a way of making this quilt work soon before my Little Boy grows too big for it. Have a great day! Larisa xox


  1. Oh, I love the pouch - it's so pretty.

    1. Thank you, Dina! I was quite happy with how it turned out. Love the little unplanned makes. Thank you for stopping by again! xox