Saturday, 29 April 2017

Hexie Stitching Companion

Oh my goodness! I am in love! I am in love with my own creation! It's not very humble, isn't it? Sorry, but I do like this little make very much and for some odd reason, it reminds me of something I had when I was little. I cannot remember it for sure, but every time I take this little folder in my hands, I have a feeling that I had something similar, maybe a coin purse. It was white and red and opened the same way. It is a very strange feeling, but a pleasant one I have say.

OK. Have a look inside. It is very simple, but quite practical. There is one large pocket with a flap at the top for scissors and a fabric pen. My favourite Fiskars Teresa Collins Edition scissors fit nicely inside. They are very sharp and great for cutting small pieces of fabric required for hexagon making. There are two wool felt patches that I filled with a tiny bit of soft fill that they are slightly raised, it makes it easier to pin the needles and pins in place. The red one is for entomology pins that I am a big fan of now and the white one is for three very fine sewing needles with a tiny eye. I was lucky to have a spare sewing needle when we were on holidays. I was working on my hexies and broke one needle. I also apparently lost a fine pin with a glass head in the car. I love these pins, but they slip out of fabric so easily. I was sewing in the car for the first time and somehow did not even notice the missing pin that my husband found the next morning on the seat I was sitting on. Oops...

There are two open pockets at the bottom of the folder. The top large pocket is meant for pieces of fabric and finished hexagons and the two bottom ones are for hexagon papers and a handmade spool with a thread that I love to use for English paper piecing. I can fit a proper spool of thread inside the top pocket or keep it in the fold, but I felt like using a flat bobbin for this.

I also have one wonder clip that I always use while stitching hexies together. This is pretty much all what I need when I am working on hexagons. The idea for this little folder was born while we were away on holidays in New Zealand just recently. I took my old, but dear to me Stitching Companion with me. It worked really well. I had my small embroidery pieces in it, I also had the hexies, Tenderness Quilt blooms. There was enough room for everything, but I just felt that I needed a smaller organizer just for working with hexagons. The idea kept developing in my head and once we got back home, it took me no time to make it.

This is the back side of my Hexie Companion. I adore this cute lad with a radish in his hands. He must be visiting his friend who is all ready to have his cup of tea and just waiting for his friend to turn up. I also found the perfect fabric with two mushrooms for the side tag. Plenty of tiny stitches in my favourite DMC embroidery floss #838. Maybe a skein of it should go in my next month giveaway.

The mushroom on the front is made with the paper piecing pattern that I designed not long ago. I made a few mushrooms while testing the pattern and this was the final one. I was going to make a zipper pouch with this mushroom, but I am so happy I got inspired to make this Stitching Companion. Have you tried the Mushroom pattern yet? If not, it is very simple and very quick to make, and there are plenty of things to use it for. Check out #stitchingnotespattern on Instagram to see all the amazing creations made with this pattern.

I am really happy with this little make and cannot wait to set it all up for my next project. I am working on a most beautiful hexie mini at the moment. It's designed by Lauren of Molly and Mama and called Hettie Hexie Mini. It's going to be so sweet!

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day full of inspirations and cute little things! Larisa xox


  1. Larisa, your little sewing companion is darling! I am so in love. And it's wonderful that it means something special to you. I know just the feeling you mean xx

  2. I love your little companion , Larisa! You manage to transform something plain and simple into a stunning organizer - with all the cute details and contrasting edges. I can not wait for October to hit, so to try this amazing mushroom of yours. Sewing in the car is so much fun, especially on long trips, and organizer is a must. Have fun with your new companion!

  3. Perfectly fine to toot your own trumpet!
    It's beautiful!

  4. I absolutely love your Travel Companion, Larisa!
    Great use of your cute fabrics and Teeny Weenie Handmade sewing labels!
    Lovely embroidery finishes too!
    Barbara x

  5. I love all of the thought, sweet details and even memories of your childhood that went into this wonderful stitching companion! Well done Larissa!��
    ❤️ Lisa K

  6. Such lovely details!!! Your work is amazing.

  7. how lovely! there is nothing like a personalised organiser