Sunday, 3 November 2019

Cute Button Cards

Over the last few weeks I have been working on writing patterns and it all was going well until I started taking photos of the process. I realised that my constantly interrupted time and especially the poor lighting need some changes so I can produce photos of high quality for the patterns. I am looking for a good light box and cannot wait to continue working on some new patterns that I hope you would enjoy.

In the meantime I keep sewing small simple things when ideas and inspirations come. Using my old tutorial, I made this cute envelope. The pattern is easy to follow and can be adjusted to your likes. You can change the size of the envelope, the shape of the flap, you can use light, medium or heavy weight interfacing for it depending on what you want to use the envelope for and you can add all sorts of lovely details to your finished envelope.

This envelope was inspired by the fabric that I received from The Strawberry Thief store with the Love Liberty Club October bundle. Gallymoggers Reynard G print is awesome and perfect as it is or for the fussy cutting. I will be using this cutie for storing some of my button and pin cards. I love adding a card with buttons to sewing folders I make as gifts for my friends.

Adding final finishing touches is my favourite part of sewing, and especially when I can play with tiny hand embroidery motives. I always go for simplicity in all my makes, for small things that can be easily and quickly made, and decorated with your special touches to make it unique and totally yours.

For the pattern writing I also have to learn how use a new graphic design software. It is time consuming, but a lot of fun and it's something I used to do years and years ago. While playing with new elements and ideas last week, I ended up with these sweet cards and I am very excited to share them with you all. It feels great that I can use my silly little sketches and paintings for something that can bring joy to others. Go to the bottom of the page to download the PDF and make a few cards for yourself or your friends.

Happy crafting and sewing! Larisa xox


  1. These wee button cards are seriously thank you.

  2. Your fabric envelope is so sweet, I love our little mushrooms! Thank you for sharing your adorable little button cards! Such cute drawing in them.

  3. These button cards are lovely! I absolutely love Hello Kitty, so cute! x Ann