Monday 29 August 2016

A Pencil Folder...

...for my little one. I just love finding inspirations in unexpected places. What could be in common between a pencil folder and a sewing machine cover?

Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Story of a Lonely Sock

Lonely because I have managed to finish only one by now. As I said before, after watching a few podcasts by some talented girls (Jooles of SewSweetViolet and Sandra of CherryHeart), I got inspired to knit socks. I could not wait and ran to a local craft store to get some yarn. The choice there is not that great, but I was able to find some suitable material. I bought this pretty purplish-pink yarn, pale pink and blue for my little boy. Once my little boy was tucked in bed that night, I sat down comfortably and started my knitting adventure.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Have You Heard of a Knitting Bug?

I think I have got it. But it's not a major one that knocks you off your feet, but still contagious and strong enough to make me go and buy some yarn. After watching the first two podcasts by Jooles of SewSweetViolet (oh, Jooles is so so sweet!), I really felt like knitting...SOCKS. Well, I have not knitted socks for something like 20 plus years, but I felt inspired to do that. This was just the beginning of the first pair of socks. Yes, first. I planned three. For now.