Tuesday 22 December 2015

It's ATC Time Again!

I am very excited about this round of Artist Trading Card swap at VeryBerryHandmade. Firstly because I love the theme "Winter Comforts". I can just imagine how cute and cozy all the cards are going to be. And secondly because I am being one of the guest bloggers at Ali's blog that I really enjoy to visit regularly.

If you would like to have a sneak peek at some more photos and read about my work in progress, head to straight to VeryBerryHandmade. Have a wonderful day! Larisa xox

Thursday 17 December 2015

First Christmas Placemat + Embroidery Pattern

Everything first. First cuddles and kisses, first favourite toy, Winter and Spring, first visit to a beach, first walk in a park, first pretty flower and the feel of soft grass under tiny feet, first taste of berries and cookies, and of course the ever first Christmas. So sweet!

Saturday 5 December 2015

Tutorial: A Pincushion in a Lid

We were having our usual afternoon tea with my not so Little Son the other day. The last bits of the delicious cherry jam were spread on a warm toast, so the jar was going to be thrown away. But not the lid. I could not part with it. If it was just an ordinary, plain lid, I would have thrown it out without any second thoughts. But this was a special, red gingham lid that asked to be kept and used for something. But what?