Saturday, 12 November 2016

Little Prickly Friend

Look who came for a visit the other day and decided to stay with us because he found a perfect house to live in. This small calico tote turned out to be just the right size for this Little Prickly Friend. He really likes it here. He looks quite content and happy.

I have been doing some hand embroidery recently using small snippets of fabric and wool felt. I do not even remember what I was working on when the idea of this little hedgehog came to my mind. I put everything aside and got to work, and very soon this Prickly Fellow was staring at me with his hungry eyes. So I gave him some delicious apples to much on that he really enjoyed. He looked a bit lost and cold, so I gave him a house...

...a warm and cosy little tote and more juicy apples for him to eat, and some kisses and cuddles too to keep him happy. I even gave him some toys to play with. Oops...I think I am getting carried away a bit here.

Anyway, my Little Boy loves his new bag and has already taken it for a walk. He filled it with some small cars and tiny books before we left home. He walked around holding the bag in his tiny hand and it did not even drag on the ground. Perfect size! He looked very cute and the Little Hedgehog seemed to be happy as well. There are small wooden apple buttons on the back side of the tote and a "handmade" embroidery at the very top. As you can see, I once again used some pink colours. I hope I can do it for a little longer before my Little Boy decides that pink is not "his colour" and demands on using navy or green.

Look at this Little Cutie! A beautiful work of Sarai who I met on Instagram not long ago. She liked my embroidery and ask if she could copy it and make a small needle book as a gift f before I wrote a tutorial. I just love what she has made! I have to admit, I like Sarai's hedgehog more than mine. Simply adorable!

This needle book is really sweet with lovely details and plenty of tiny stitches, pretty lace and delicate petals.

I love the added panel for the clips. I know for sure that when I am making myself a needle book next I am going to use this idea too.

A very easy step-by-step Little Prickly Friend Embroidery tutorial is coming up next for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful day! Larisa xox


  1. You have so much patience, Larisa! Putting all that work into a bag for your Little Boy.

    1. Hehe... Sometimes I think I must crazy to do all these things, but when I see my Little One using it, it makes me smile and warms up my heart. It makes me happy! :-)

  2. What about adorable bag! X