Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hexagons, Hexagons and More Hexagons

Or shall we simply say "Hexie Love"? Just look at this beautiful splash of pastels! The most beautiful "Woodland Clearing" line by Liesl Gibson parading here in hexagons. Pink, aqua, beige...beautiful prints that almost look like watercolours or cross-stitch designs.

There is something calming and comforting about making hexagons and sewing them together by hand. I like that the tiniest scraps can be used for them and when stitched together they become something completely new and amazing. This fabric is very delicate so I tried my best, using a very sharp and thin needle to make my stitches almost invisible. It took some time, but I am very happy with the result.

Linen is always my number one choice of base fabric. It combines nicely with most prints and fabrics, it gives you a chance to add some embroidered details and I have to say it feels good to touch. These beautiful little hexagons became a pretty flower and the flower landed on a linen envelope. I used Aurifil thread in red colour to add a running stitch around the flower and the edge of the flap. Can you spot these two tiny crosses kisses in the left bottom corner? They look so cute there. A piece of a stripy selvedge became a tag. As always, everything gets used over here. Tutorial for the envelope can be found on this page.

I also made these cute minute animal hexagons and some linen ones with embroidery. I have had this fabric for ages and I still love all the different animals on it. I especially love the sheep, hedgehogs and little piggies. What do you think about my pincushion? To tell you the truth, it's a toothbrush stand that I filled with a pretty fabric ball. It's very heavy and because of that it's extremely stable, not like many other pincushions. These hexies were turned into a baby bib for my Little One, but sadly, after wearing it only once, the bib got lost in Singapore where we went on holidays a few weeks ago. I am thinking of making exactly the same one.

These ones are large 1.5" hexagons. This project was designed especially for a small piece of fabric I got from Gina of Party of Eight. A long while ago she sent me the sweetest surprise parcel with lovely bits and pieces and one of them was this sweet print with the kettle. I really wanted to showcase the beauty of this drawing. I chose Liberty Gracey Tana Lawn in pale blue to go along with it.

All together the hexies became a flower again, but this time the flower ended up on a mug rug. I am absolutely in love with the tiny stitches and the colours of this rug. Oh, the label!

One evening I got carried away, after I made a felt pear I could not stop and wanted to make something else with felt. I had one label with a strawberry that I made for a particular project, but ended up not using it. So I decided to make a few matching labels. This one has berries that match the berries on the mug rug. I love making small pretty things.

These pretty fabrics from "Memoire a Paris" were simply begging me to turn them into hexagons. I have an idea what I want to make, but it will take quite some time to finish with all the other projects happening at the moment, so for now I am just going to make more and more pretty hexagons.

It's been a busy time and I have surprised myself with how many different hexagons I have made and I have not stopped yet. Thank you for stopping by! Larisa xox


  1. Love all the hexies and those labels! Oh my, now I need to get out my felt:)

    1. Thank you very much, Cindy! The hexies are very addictive. I can just make them one after another without any projects in mind. :-) The labels are a lot of fun to make, especially if you enjoy tiny stitches. :-)

  2. Very neat envelope :) And the labels are pretty amazing :) Makes one's mind boggle with ideas, and inspiration...
    I also mean to try linen, but I have some apprehensions...
    Which weight or count and brand do you recommend?
    As for hexies, I actually tried making them and created my 1st flower for a summer handbag I sewed recently. It was fun and I think I mastered the technique... :O) I made my own templates (quite a challenge), and I like them as tiny as possible...and some fussy cutting of course... Lots of possibilities!
    thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you very much, Lily! I am so happy that you get inspired by my work. :-)

      Hexies are great and you are right there are so many possibilities with them. I print out templates of the internet and cut them out by hand, but I am thinking of investing in a few hexagon punches. :-)

      I was not sure about working with linen at first. I always saw it as a very fiddly fabric to work with. I have worked with light weight, medium and some heavier kinds. They are all good depending on what you are making. I also like using linen/cotton blends sometimes. Many people like Essex Linen (but I have not used this one yet). As for the count, I cannot tell you because I only refer to count for linen for cross-stitch. For sewing/quilting and hand embroidery I use this particular Japanese linen that I buy from Ministry of Fabric ( Alisha has a nice choice of linens that would give you an idea what to get.

      Happy sewing and thank you for taking the time to comment!

    2. Thanks, Larisa
      I know, count is for embroidery, linen for sewing is tightly woven and harder to count....
      I have worked with linen a bit, I know it's tricky for patchwork,but there's some temptation...

  3. I have recently returned to a hexie project that has been a WIP for far too long and have been enjoying that simple pleasure of stitching them. Your labels are so sweet!

    1. So true, Dina, about the pleasure of simple stitching. It's so calming, relaxing and rewarding as well. I am amazed at quilts people make with hexies only. So much work, but how pretty. Thank you for your complement, Dina and for visiting!