Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Birds and Houses

Traditions. Do you keep the traditions that used to run in your family? Or do you create your own? These small rituals that fill your life with extra warmth, love, happiness and laughter. When I was little, I spent every summer with my grandparents and on the day I arrived, my grandma would give me a handmade drawstring pouch filled with goodies. It was the best present ever because you never knew what colour the pouched would be and what you would find inside.

With the Easter season quickly approaching, I am making a few decorations for our Easter Tree. This is something still new to me and my family - making the Easter Tree. A couple of years ago me and my not so little boy came up with the idea of making a tree and decorating it with eggs and birds. The tree that we made that year turned out to be really beautiful. It was just a bunch of twigs arranged in a small sack and decorated with pastel eggs and birds. A year later we added some birdhouses to our ornament collection and from that day it became our new family tradition - making and decorating the Easter Tree. This year I am creating my own decorations. Today's project - cute fabric houses.

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