Friday, 29 March 2013

Unexpected Project

I did not plan on sewing today, I did not want to come near my sewing machine at all. I was going to do some cross stitching instead and work a little bit on a couple of projects I planned a few weeks ago. Do not know why but I just had to make this Petal Pouch early in the morning. Did it ever happen to you?

While browsing the internet some time ago, I came across a photo of a small pouch. I did not pay much attention to it at that moment but today I felt like making one. So after playing around with some fabric I came up with my own way of sewing it. Many drawstring bags or pouches are made with a cord or ribbon but instead I used a thin elastic cord. This pouch is a cute way to keep an apple or a pear for your morning snack or it could be a creative gift wrapping idea. You can find a step by step tutorial here.

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