Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fabric Envelope

The Little Girl chasing butterflies... The envelope has been completed. The colour of Molly's dress and the lining is so bright and vibrant, it almost glows. I am sure Molly is very happy now, she is surrounded by flowers and butterflies. What else a girl might need?

This simple envelope is a great storage solution for a sewing corner. It's pretty enough to be displayed on a working desk or on a shelf. It's perfect for keeping fabric, sketches, notes or any other supplies you might have in your studio. It can be easily made with old offcuts of fabric that are not big enough for anything else and can be decorated with any stitching design or appliqué. The possibilities are endless.

I am working on a few projects at the moment and one of them is going to be a fabric envelope tutorial. If you are interested, please keep your eye out for it.

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