Monday, 22 April 2013

Work in Progress: Dandelions

Do you like dandelions? I do, I always did. I like them when they are in bloom with their bright yellow caps covering green fields. How much fun it was making flower crowns, chains or necklaces and bracelets; little matchstick people with a flower  head and curly hair (split the stem, put it in water and see what happens). I like them when they get old and the yellow caps turn into delicate, almost lace like, head pieces. They used to bring us, kids, so much joy and happiness. Simple things, not fancy toys. And of course, dandelions meant sun, warmth, summer holidays and a lot of fun.

So no wonder why I sketched dandelions the other day, a call from a long time gone childhood. The drawing just appeared on paper, it was not planned but I have an idea for it already.

I have got many pieces of cotton and linen fabric in natural colour, most of them are narrow strips. They are too small to be used for notebook covers or heat bags but for bookmarks they should perfect. Just an idea I am going to try out. I am quite excited to see the end result.

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