Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tutorial: No Knot Cord Ends - Cute Ball

Here is one more way of finishing off the ends of the cord of your drawstring bag. This method does not require a sewing machine, it's all done by hand. If you know how to make fabric Yo-Yos or Saffolk  Puffs, then you won't have any trouble with making this cute little ball.

Note: for this tutorial I am using a single cord but if you are decorating a drawstring bag, you would have to complete every step twice for each side of the bag. 

Step 1: Use a round template 5.5cm in diameter. Put the template on the wrong side of your fabric and trace it. Cut out the circle.

Step 2: Place the fabric on working surface with the wrong side facing up. Fold over the edge about 0.5cm. Make sure to use a strong thread of a matching colour. Secure the thread in place with a knot and stitch all the way around the edge using a running stitch. For the better result, all stitches should be of equal size and run very close to the edge.

Step 3: End your stitching right next to the starting point. Gently pull the thread to gather the folded edge to make a cup. Do not cut off the thread yet.

Step 4: Wrap the stuffing material around the ends of the cord giving it a ball shape. Insert the wrapped cord ends inside the cup. This step is a bit tricky so you might need a bit of practice before stitching the cord in place.

Step 5: Very carefully pull and tighten the thread. You have to be very gentle to make sure that the thread does not snap. Stitch the cord in place by pushing the needle all the way through the cord and the edge of the cup a few times (from right to left, from left to right, from back to front...). Make sure that you insert the needle between the folds of the cup to hide the thread.

Step 6: Once the cord is securely stitched in place, make a knot and hide it. Cut off the thread. You are done!

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