Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Little Bags For Herbs

Hurray! The little bags have been finished. It took me longer than expected but I am truly happy with the outcome.  I felt really excited while filling the bags with dry herbs. They look so cute standing next to each other. A set of four.

They are made with cotton and linen, and 100% natural hemp cord for ties. There is a small cotton loop on the side of each bag for a tag if I need to know what herb is in the bag.

I had a little splash of frustration caused by some unexpected challenges. I am glad that I overcame them, that I did not put the tiny bags aside for some other better times, I finished them. I realised that this kind of challenges makes me happy. Happy to learn on the way, to learn through my mistakes and it keeps me growing along the way.

Have you ever read a kid's story The Happy Hedgehog by Marcus Pfister? You should. It's a story about a little hedgehog named Mikko, who loves his garden and understands the healing properties that plants have. A little hedgehog who is absolutely content within his own world. Well, it's just like my Grandpa. Every time I used to read this book to my not so Little Boy, I always thought of my Grandpa and his garden, and his peaceful happiness.

He used to pick healing herbs in his garden or nearby forest. He dried them and kept them in small cotton bags in a cupboard for later use when someone was not well. Every summer he would prepare a bag of homegrown calendula and camomile just for me. I am sure he would have been very happy if I made a few bags like that for him. Though a bit bigger and with wider ties for his aged fingers.

Working on these tiny bags brought back so many childhood memories. Memories that make me stronger, memories that fill me with happiness. Sweet memories that warm up my heart and inspire me to create. What inspires you?