Sunday, 29 September 2013

Work in Progress: ATC

Autumn... What comes to your mind when you hear this simple six letter word? Trees and bushes festively dressed in their best attire. Yellow, red, orange, green, brown. Fire red rowan berries, slightly touched by the night frost, glistering in the morning sun. The cool crispy air filled with hardly noticeable earthy scent of mushrooms, grass and dry leaves tickles my nose. Lovely seasonal bouquets of maple leaves and acorns. Flocks of birds flying high in the sky. It's a time for berry and mushroom picking, for picnics near a river with warm rugs, hot teas and camp fires. It's time for a change, time for nature's colourful celebration before everything falls asleep warmly wrapped in white soft fluffy blankets of snow till next spring.

Autumn is the theme for this ATC Swap. Before I began working on my card, I made a few sketches. Just simple doodles in my journal. A few ideas that I want to explore on my stitching adventure and see what comes out of it.

We are supposed to make just one card for our assigned partner but I am going to make more, just for fun, just because I feel like it.

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