Monday, 30 September 2013

My Stitching Companion

Today I would like to write about my little Companion that has been very helpful on my stitching journey. Maybe you have read about Take Along Stitching Folder that I made not long ago. While working on it, I was hoping that the folder would be easy to use and would be useful. After using it for less than two months, I have to say that I am surprised at how much I enjoy using it and how really useful the folder turned out to be.

Last weekend we were away from home, we were at an air field where my dear husband and our not so Little Boy were flying gliders while I enjoyed the prettiness of the countryside, the sweet singing of unknown birds, the freshness of morning breeze and the warmth of the spring sun.

The boys were launching gliders and flying and I was stitching. I was working on a small, but very addictive project (ATCs) and all the material I needed was neatly packed inside my take along stitching folder. My favourite scissors, embroidery hoop and floss, fabric, paper and pencil, fabric pen and of course a few needles with a small pincushion. The best thing about the folder is that when I am stitching, I can keep it on my lap and nothing slides off it, all the bits and pieces stay put in one place. When I need a break, I can simply close my companion with a magnetic snap fastener and put it anywhere.

Nice and simple. Thank you, my lovely, quiet and very helpful stitching Companion.

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