Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Pretty Card From a Secret Partner

Not every time I get so excited when the postman arrives. This was long-awaited mail from an unknown country and an unknown swap partner. As you know, I participated in Artist Trading Cards Swap that was organised by Ali from Very Berry Handmade. You can check out the photos of all the amazing cards on Flickr group.

I was a bit worried that my card got lost somewhere on the way, but I kept on waiting and blaming the heavy rains we were having over here in the last few days. Today the skies cleared and we had a day of warmth and sunshine, and on top of that I got my card from Sian from Buttons and Paint. I took the time to open the package and that's what I found.

How thoughtful the packaging is! I am going to use this piece of lace in one of my creations one day.

It's called "Seedheads". I am going to keep this lovely (mine now!) card on one of the shelves in my creative nook on this tiny easel. Just look how pretty it is! The combination of three fabrics makes a perfect background. The one on the bottom is like the ground covered with the first frost and the seedheads are the last one to stand up tall till the heavy snow blanket covers the fields till next Spring. Why willow in Autumn? Well, it's spring here in Australia. So this is how Northern Hemisphere Autumn meets Southern Hemisphere Spring.

Thank you Sian for my lovely card! Thank you Ali for organising the Swap! It's been a fantastic experience! So much to learn from all the talented crafters from all over the world, so many different styles and interpretations of the theme Autumn to see and of course so many wonderful people to meet.

I made a few cards for this swap, you can read about them here. Now I can tell you who my secret partner was, it's not a secret any longer. Dina from Bossymamma was the one to receive my card.

I was very nervous but Dina liked the card. Phew! It took me some time to decide which one to send, the whole family participated in the decision making. I chose this one because it was the first one I made after I got some information about Dina and learnt the theme of the swap. That's exactly how I felt and saw Autumn at that very moment. What a fantastic ATCs Swap it has been! Can't wait for the next one to join!


  1. Swaps are a lot of fun!! The card you made and received are both pretty and both remind me of fall :)

  2. All your cards were fabulous! Glad you got such a gorgeous one in return!