Friday, 1 November 2013

Lost in Books...

Yes, I have been lost in books for the last few days. Not the reading type, but sewing books. Teeny-tiny needle books to be exact. I realised that my stitching companion desperately needed a small addition; a place to keep the needles in.

I used to keep needles pinned into a pincushion inside the stitching folder but it was not very practical. It was a bit dangerous I would say. After seeing some amazing needle books made by Amy from NanaComapany, I wanted to make one for myself but I was not sure about the patchwork style.

I am not that good at mixing and matching different prints and plus my needle book had to match the folder and the pincushion. So after some thinking, it was clear that I simply had to follow the design of my stitching folder. Plus Woodland Walk fabric is pretty on its own, it does not really need any additions.

Oh how much I love Woodland Walk and Tea Party fabrics by Belle & Boo! And here was another chance to play around with them. The design of the books matches the folder apart from the flap. I did not make any fasteners on the tiny needle books because based on my previous experience, I found them a bit too tricky to deal with while sewing.

Making these tiny books was so much F-U-N that I could not simply stop at just one. I had to make a few more and a matching pincushion as well for the Tea Party needle books. A few pretty additions inside on the pages and the four books are ready. Not sure if I am going to stop at that. I still might challenge myself with some patchwork.

Do you like any of them? Have you made needle books before? Who knows, this might become your next obsession too. Have a wonderful and fun filled weekend!

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  1. Needle books are so much fun to make and yours are beautiful!!!