Sunday, 10 November 2013

Inspiration + Patchwork + Stitches = Place Mat

Do you get inspired by work of others? Do you feel sometimes that you have to make something particular and you have to make it now?

Well, this is exactly how I felt after reading Catherine's tutorial on how to make a Komebukuro Bag with crazy patchwork panels. It was the crazy patchwork panels that attracted my attention. Literally as soon as I finished reading the tutorial I ran to my sewing machine and whipped out this little piece. Cherry blossoms in soft pink shades. The petals dancing in the wind, the feel of spring and summer is here. This is Sakura Park fabric by Sentimental Studios for Moda.

Catherine also made this Quilted Liberty/Linen Pouch some time ago. I really liked the seed stitch she used for the border. I made a mental note somewhere in my head to try it somehow in my future work. This placemat turned out to be a perfect subject for using this technique.

Making this crazy patchwork panel is a new step forward on my sewing adventure, a new tiny peak that I've conquered. It might seem not difficult to make for you but for me, mixing patterns and colours and staying away from straight symmetrical lines is a challenge. That's why when I saw Catherine's tutorial with photos, I knew it was exactly what I needed. It was not symmetrical, it looked quite simple to make and I didn't really have to follow a pattern. Thank you Catherine for sharing your work! Thank you for inspiring me without even knowing it.

So here it is - a small thing that I enjoyed making. A simple gift for a friend. A perfect companion for her afternoon cup of tea.


  1. the seed stitching is so gorgeous and really makes your project pop!!

  2. Thanks for your nice words:-) :That is absolutely beautiful. I'm going to make one of these now!