Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cross-Stitch Linen Coasters

One more small tick on the list. Oh, it feels so good! Finally I finished a few sets of winterly coasters with yet another new cross-stitch pattern.

Robins. Cute little fluff balls! This time around I simply drew the design on graph paper and then tried working out the details while stitching. It took three attempts for the pattern to look the way I wanted it to be and now I am quite happy with the result. I decided not to scrap the first attempts but to keep them as well.

You can see that the bottom robin is a bit squarish and the wing is kind of missing. On the top one I didn't like the shape of the wing and the third one (the one in the middle) turned out just right. Sounds a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Heehee... For the bottom set I didn't use any wadding, only light interfacing and it's quite thin, but still I like the feel of it and the slim look too. I also used a different shade of German Zweigart Cashel Linen for that set.

For the back of the coasters I chose three different cottons that I like equally. Persimmon collection by BasicGrey, Pin Dots for A Day in the Country and Westminster range by Fabric Freedom. All three fabrics are a pleasure to work with.

The coasters are going to be Christmas presents. Some of them are packed in sets of two and some in sets of four, some are going to be mixed together with the rowan berries coasters that I finished earlier.

With all the reds and whites, tags, sparkles and ribbons it does feel like Christmas is almost here and all the plans are slowly cooking in my head about the Christmas tree, home decorations and the festive breakfast, lunch, dinner and some fun games with the family too. Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Larisa xox


  1. These are so, so lovely, Larisa. I love the little robins. Well done.

    1. Thank you very much, Dina! They were really fun to make.