Sunday, 15 November 2015

So Sweet...

Little note... Oh, I am so excited! Come, have a look. I just finished this candy sweet piece. So much pink and so many tiny stitches. What do you think?

It all began with an idea of a notepad page. I wrote this tutorial and made this placemat, and now I turned this sweet note into yet another placemat. Why not?

A paper pieced pencil, a couple of stamps, plenty of stitches and lots of pinks. I love the background fabric "The Cottage Garden. Cottage Newsprint." by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake, it has some great phrases printed here and there: Dream big. Never forget why you started. When you love what you have - you have everything. Enjoy the little things. Be humble. Be true to yourself. Be kind. Live the dream. Comparison is the thief of joy. Never stop learning... The list goes on and on. I thought it would be great to have a constant reminder of all these important things while you are sipping a cup of tea or sewing if using this piece as a work mat.

 I really like the look of hand quilted stitches much more then machine ones. They are not even, they are not straight but they make your work more special I think. Can you spot the quilted love hearts around some of the cherries? I am not a big fan of love hearts prints and designs, but here I felt like they would be in the right place together with red and brown scribbled hearts.

As usual, the back is quite simple, blue with white flowers cotton to match the pretty flowers on the front of the mat. A couple of postage stamps and a label.

I have to admit, it was a pleasure to work on this project and I am enjoying seeing the whole picture now, all these bits and pieces together. I just feel a bit sad, just like after finishing a good book. You really want to know what happens at the very end, but once you reach it, you wish the story kept going on and on.

Wishing you all pleasant work and may I use one more phrase that I like from this fabric: Do what makes you happy. Larisa xox


  1. Oh Larisa, this placemat is so cute! Yes, its very pink, but all the fabrics are beautiful together, I absolutely love it. Yes, I do remember your previous tutorial about the notebook, (once I have time, I will surely do one, I was thinking about a musical sheet music though….) and is great to see the whole project together. xo

    1. Ann, thank you so much for your complement! A musical sheet sounds like a great idea. There are so many interesting ways of using it. Just recently I saw a pillow cover done like a notepad page with a message on it and even a whole quilt cover. :-) Happy crafting! Thank for stopping by!