Friday, 6 May 2016

Saving the Scraps

While working on the "Lowa" block for The Splendid Sampler project, I had some trimmings left. These tiny delicate pieces looked so lovely together that I could not bring myself to throw them away. I put them aside and continued working on my block, but at the same time I kept thinking what I could make with these trimmings. A teeny weeny pinwheel block seemed like a nice option.

Once the block was ready, the second stage of creative thinking took place - what do I make with it? It seems like it does not matter what my current project it, I always have a few pieces of linen on my work table. I love linen!

So no wonder that I ended up making a small linen zippered pouch. Perfect for bits and pieces, stationary or sewing supplies or maybe coins or cards. I really like how the tiny stitches add to the texture of this pouch.

I left the back plain, just a small label - a patch of cross-stitch linen with raw edges, some cotton and a piece of ribbon. I really enjoy these quick and easy makes.

The next pouch I made was to use this little flying geese block that I messed up. The colours were supposed to be in a different order. I did not realise the mistake I made until I took a photo for Instagram. I could not bring myself to up-pick all the seams, it was much easier to make a new block again. But this little cutie? Well, I think this quilted pouch is a perfect place for it.

I cannot wait to show you what I am making with all these flying geese in pretty colours. I hope it turns out as good as I see it in my head. He he... I have one more messed up block, in blue shades, that I am going to try saving too instead of tossing it away.

I used green and yellow quilting cotton threads for this little pouch. It was a pleasure to enjoy the peaceful process of hand quilting. I treated myself with a small gift recently - a few sets of Tulip Hiroshima Needles. They are very sharp and smoothly pass through fabric, they are difficult to bend or break. Oh, how many needles have I bent and broken!

I enjoy saving the tiniest of fabric scraps. Not only because I feel sorry to throw away precious pieces of pretty fabrics, but because making something useful and nice with small pieces gives me an even bigger sense of achievement and satisfaction. Have a wonderful weekend! Larisa xox


  1. You're right in saving scraps - nothing should be wasted. Much less cute pieces of precious prints. sometimes incongruent leftovers may turn into a special creation
    Ahh, The Little Prince... Why do you have to remind me of this book... I read it too much... Hence my 'problems' in life... :o)

    Have a nice weekend catching up on your splendid blocks... :)

    1. Sometimes I think that it's just a waste of time and space, and I should get rid of all these scraps, but once something like that is made, I feel really positive about keeping it all. :-)

      I am sorry, Lily, my photo made you feel that way. This book always made me feel quite sad. The next set of photos is going to be a happy one. Promise. :-)

    2. But I was kidding... I was surprised to see this particular book... It's one of the best out there
      I myself feel guilty about my entire stash. I don't see how can I use it all up, I want to keep bits of certain prints for as long as possible...And of course I have doubts as to how necessary/useful my projects are...'cos feng shui would probably call it clutter :O)

  2. Your mini pinwheel is delightful, Larisa!

    1. Thank you, Dina! I really like how these colours fit together, and this block is so easy to make.