Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Splendid Sampler: Blocks No.21 and No.22

A small update on my Splendid Sampler progress. Not much to report yet unfortunately. Other projects, everyday chores and most of all, our Little One (that I don't mind at all), take up too much of my time at the moment. But still, this small progress is better than nothing, I suppose. are the two blocks I managed to finish.

Block No.21 "Goose on the Loose" designed by Amy Smart. What a pleasure it was to make this block! It kind of fell in place from the first attempt. All the prints simply found each other without much auditioning. The only thing is that I was working on it late at night, as I do now most of the days. I was trying to place the yellow flowers so they would point to the centre of the block. I really tried and was sure that I was on the right track until the block was ready and I saw this... But I still love this block.

Block No.22 "Sweet Candy" designed by Kris Thurgood. This block reminded me so much of my school days and made me smile. As you know, every block comes with a story behind its creation. You can jump on The Splendid Sampler page and read about each and every block if you are interested. This block made me drift back to days when I went to school. We never took lunches with us, meals were provided by the school, but we always had a small snack or a treat in a pocket to help us last till the end of the school. We made sure before leaving home that a few candies were in our pockets, not just for ourselves, but for a bestie too. I used fabrics with math and writing for the background of this block to represent the lessons, when you secretly would sneak a lolly from your pocket under the desk (one for you and one for your friend), unwrap it so the wrapper won't make any sound and then put it in your mouth. And of course you had to enjoy it making sure that the teacher did not see you. It was fun!

Notes to self (or anyone who might find them useful): Some quilting notes that I must remember:

1. Starch, starch and more starch. Apply to the fabric before cutting and sewing, especially when working with small pieces. It makes work much easier.

2. Cut all the required block pieces before you start sewing. It helps to see how your block will look like and reduces a chance of any errors.

3. Don't use pins when sewing small pieces together or invest in really thin pins that easily glide through layers of fabric.

4. Sew in batches or create a "production line" where possible to save the time.

That's all for today. I am so so behind on my Splendid Sampler, but it's not a race and I am fine with that. I will get to the finish lane sooner or later. Happy quilting! Larisa xox


  1. You seem to be thoroughly enjoying making the blocks for this project - wonderful!

    1. I am, Dina, and I am learning some new things. But I have to be honest, I am questioning from time to time whether I should continue with this project or not. It seems like a huge challenge now. :-)