Saturday, 28 December 2013

Simply Curious

We took a week trip to Tasmania which truly was a lot of fun. I am not going to write about our wonderful adventure here since this blog is about needle craft and not travelling but there was something that I thought would be nice to share with you, my dear readers. On our first day in Hobart, while wandering around Macquarie Wharf, I saw this...

Three, the most cutest crochet toadstools on a patch of green grass were sitting neatly on the hand rest of one of the metal benches. I have no idea why they were there or what for they were there or who made and put them there.

They simply were there on that cool and somewhat grey morning. Three little mushrooms that brightened up the place and put smiles on passers-by's faces. The next day they were gone, like they never existed before. Maybe it was my wild imagination?! But no, I took a photo of them for you to see! I wish there was someone who could tell me the story of the mysterious mushrooms. I am just simply curious. Are you? :-)


  1. How fun to come across these mysterious mushrooms! Too bad they were gone the next day. So glad you enjoyed a fun vacation!!!

  2. What a lovely and joyful bit of yarn bombing. I think someone must have found them irresistible and picked them!