Friday 17 April 2020

New Adventure

Hello my dear friends! It's been a very long time since I have posted any of my work here, but I thought I would pop in to say hello and tell you about a new and happy adventure on my creative journey. It took me a very long time, but finally I am doing what I love, what makes me, as a creative person, even more happier.

I have started writing sewing patterns and it feels fantastic! I made this Floppy Ears Bunny Bag more than a year ago and was asked many times for a pattern. It took me this long to finally get everything ready to be able to focus on pattern writing. Being a perfectionist does not really help when it comes to things like that. I had to tell myself over and over again to simply make the first scary step and then keep on moving forward.

I tried my best to write the pattern that would be easy to follow and quick to finish even for people with limited sewing experience and limited spare time. The Floppy Ears Bunny Bag project is a combination of sewing and a bit of tiny stitches, and it has written instructions and photos to help you in completing it.

Jenni (you can find her lovely Instagram page here that is filled with beautiful handmade creations) made these cute bunnies when she kindly did pattern testing for me and I could not be more happier. They look so adorable!

The second pattern that I have published recently is Miss Mousy Bag. A little friend for Floppy Ears Bunny. It is the sweetest little bag that can be used instead of a gift wrapping for a small present or as a storage bag. Fill it with a few thread spools or maybe embroidery skeins and sit it on your shelf next to you sewing supplies, and I guarantee you that it would make you smile every time you see it. I have a couple sitting on my shelves in my sewing corner and it is always a delight to see these mice. I have to admit that I love Miss Mousy a bit more than Floppy Ears...hope he does not hear that.

The latest addition to my Etsy shop is this darling "Sweet Dreams, Bear!" bookmark. A very simple, but charming bookmark that will make you smile every time you see this Bear resting snugly inside the pages of your favourite book. This project requires basic sewing skills and can be completed in less than an hour.

If you are looking for a quick fun sewing project, visit my Etsy Shop or check out the Tutorials on my blog to find something you like to sew for yourself or your loved ones.

I have also started a YouTube Channel where you can find videos with tips and tricks to help you complete any of the bags or simply to see the way I add fine details to my projects.

What I like the most about this new adventure is that these little makes bring joy to people all over the world. They make people happy and that's what matters. Happy sewing! Larisa xo


  1. Love your work i just found you on pintrest would love to follow your blog. However I can't find a way to subscribe.

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