Saturday, 7 November 2015

Gone Fishing...

Just doodling away... A boat, a man, a fishing rope, some scribbles on a small piece of "paper" and of course fish. Big. Red. Fish. A couple of pieces of pink "wash tape" to help hold the note in place. That's all what I needed for this simple placemat.

A few stitches to make the embroidery look more like a pencil sketch. A very long time ago, I don't even remember where, I learnt a simple trick to draw boats. All it takes is an infinity sign (or a thin/stretched figure eight on its side), a few more strokes here and there and you get a nice boat shape. Easy!

It took me a while to decide on the fabric for the background, but I am really happy with how the "rain drops" print works together with the theme of the note. It even sets the mood, not a gloomy rainy one, but kind of "watery" and calm.

That little tag in the right top corner is just a piece of folded linen with a hand stamped "with love" note. It reminds me that I should make more handmade labels/tags to add to my sewing accessories. They are always fun to make.

Hope you are having a wonderful sunny weekend! Here it's a bit rainy at the moment, so it goes quite well with the placemat. :-) Larisa xox


  1. What a great gift for a man (or woman, if she enjoys fishing!?!)

    1. I was making it for a man but now I quite like this mat myself. :-) Even though I don't like fishing, I do like the feeling of being gently rocked in a boat.