Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fabric Stash: Small Additions

I stayed at home for almost a week after I fractured my wrist before I was comfortable enough to go out. So when the pain settled a bit, I went for a short stroll. I needed a permanent fabric pen, so it was a great excuse to pop in to our local craft store that has a fabric section as well. How lucky! I got a little treat for myself along with the permanent pen I was looking for. If I can't sew, it doesn't meant I can't buy fabric. Right?

I bought just a few fat quarters that I thought would make a nice addition to my fabric stash. I know that I planned to use only fabric I already have in my stash, but not being able to sew feels so bad that I thought a tiny shopping would not harm, but would only cheer me up a bit. And it did. I can see an envelope with the lining made with the top pinkish purple flowery print. I know that I will regret that I bought only one fat quarter of that light green parsley print. It's so lovely and delicate.

I was lucky to spot a copy of the Molly Makes magazine in our local newsagency on the way too. It's not the latest issue, but still quite fun to flick through the pages. So many great ideas, inspirations, articles and photos.

I am going to leave you with something that is not sewing but has a lot to do with it. In the latest issue of Homespun magazine, I came across this photo and article. Some quilts, a man...

Oh, well, men can quilt too. Why not? I whizzed through the article and could not believe my eyes. These are not quilts! These are wooden sculptures created by Fraser Smith! Of course I had to visit the web site and see the gallery. It's AMAZING! Have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. I am glad a little fabric shopping chased away the not-able-to-sew blues!!! I think fabric shopping is able to cure a few ails :). Fun finds; to purple floral is my favorite. Have fun planning some projects then you will be ready to sew when the cast comes off!

  2. A little fabric shopping to help you cope with not being able to sew sounds just the job to me. As for Fraser Smith's work... A-ma-zing!