Sunday, 25 May 2014

Strawberry Patch

This is how I am going to call this bento drawstring bag. So deliciously sweet it is! I absolutely love how these two prints go together. Morning dew, pretty strawberries and a bit of gingham ribbon truly complement each other.

I really like bento bags and use them a lot. I even made some for my friends. They are great to pack lunch for you or your kids or some snacks on the go. It takes no time to make a bag like that but brings a lot of satisfaction. If you are interested, the tutorial is here. It was the first tutorial I wrote when I just started this blog and it still is one of the most visited posts.

Just a quick look inside. I like finishing the bottom seams with bias binding, it gives the bag a neater look. You can use the same fabric or try something more contrasting. I went for the red with white polka dots.

I am off back to my sewing machine to make more of these. These bags and strawberries, and something else as well. This fabric really inspired me to make quite a few things. Has any fabric ever inspired you? Happy inspirations! Larisa xo


  1. such a pretty project!! i just love it when the inside looks as pretty as the outside!

    1. Thanks, Gina! That's my Grandma talking in me, whatever she made always had to look as good on inside as on outside.

  2. Another beautiful project, Larisa. Your work is always so neatly finished - I really like the tabs on the drawstrings.

  3. Thanks, Dina! These tabs are so easy to make and they look better than ordinary knots.