Saturday, 3 May 2014

Organise and Beautify

You probably have seen a new addition to my sewing nook - a ticker tape sewing machine cover that I absolutely love. Well, I have made something else using the same quilting method. Something useful and quite pretty.

I have made quilted covers for tins to match the sewing machine cover and to organise all sorts of scissors and things like that. Yay!

I just could not get enough of ticker tape quilting. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

Now I have all my "tall" accessories - large scissors, chopsticks, markers in the tall container and all the small scissors and my best friend SeamRipper in the short one. Very handy, right next to me. I even glued some pretty paper inside the tins. Have a look.

If I get a bit bored with pictures on one side, I just turn the container and there is a whole new story in front of me. See, Belle and her best friend Boo are here to keep me company.

Maybe it's time for a new pincushion or two. I just have to work out which fabric to use to match the cover and the tins. Off I go to do some sewing and maybe some washing, cooking and cleaning along the way. Or the other way around is most likely.  Larisa xo


  1. so cute and would be a bright spot in your sewing space!!! the paper on the inside would be a nice finishing touch!!!

    1. Thank you, Gina! I am really enjoying the tins on my sewing table. I don't have to fish the small scissors out of a large box or bucket anymore. :-)

  2. Oh, your ticker tape quilting is so cute!