Thursday, 3 July 2014

Take-Along Play Folder

Remember the Little Princess? Who was staying temporarily in the white basket? Well, she's got a new home now! It's a take-along fabric play folder - a perfect place for her to live in. She is very happy now and can't wait to get going on some adventures.

She's got all her favourite things around her - flowers, birds and everything pink. Just the way she likes it.

A perfect number of pockets inside to fit in the Little Princess with all her sleeping accessories and maybe some extra bits and bobs. We might even sneak in some sweets that the Princess likes a lot.

Thanks to Gina and Carole, some of the readers of this blog, who with their comments, inspired me to make a small envelope/sleeping bag for the Princess as well. I made it using the same method as the fabric envelopes I make but I changed the shape of the flap and didn't make a fastening. I am sure it will work great for a bigger doll too.

I was lucky to find a "Handmade" stamp recently, it turned out to be perfect for making custom labels. So simple and very effective.

This is the back side of the folder. Ava and Friends fabric by Belle & Boo is so sweet and lovely.

Flowers are a must thing for the Princess's garden. Yet again, these fabric flowers are so easy to make cute accessories.

A tiny bit of stitching and appliqué, and lace of course. Everything simple and pretty. This take-along play set is made using the same principal as the fabric folders for a girl and a boy I made some time ago, and as my Stitching Companion. The only difference is the orientation of the pockets. It's almost like a small handbag but without the side seams.

Ouch! I just realised that the purple colour of the handles and the flap is so "loud" in this photo, quite far from the real fabric. I tried fixing it up but still ended up with this wild colour.

It turned out that I stayed quite close to the original design of this play folder and haven't really made many changes during the sewing process as it happens quite often. I really like seeing something I imagined being brought into the real world, it's such a great feeling. This take-along folder was made just for fun and not for someone in particular. I am sure that one day it will find a Little Friend to belong to but for now it will hang on the wall in my sewing nook. Happy creating everybody! Larisa xo


  1. So darling!!! I hope this little project does find itself a home because it needs some love and what little girl would not like to carry this around with her?!?! The added stitches and the yo-yos with button centers give added texture and are such sweet details. Your label is phenomenal too! You need to have an easy shop Larisa!!!

    1. Gina, thank you very much for such a lovely comment! The stitches are my favourite thing - I really like the look of running stitch. Etsy shop... Hmm... Can't say that this thought hasn't crossed my mind but I think I need to build up a bit more confidence in my own skills. :-)

  2. It's so cute, Larisa. A beautiful girly design.

    1. Thank you, Dina, very much! It was such a pleasure to work on this project.