Monday, 22 July 2013

Fabric Folder. Sailing Away

I am sailing away with a bunch of Little Pirates. They are so handsome and full of fun. The Little Pirates come from Belle & Boo fabric called Pirate Games. Have you seen it? It is absolutely and totally cute.

Here is a fabric folder for Boys. The pattern I used is the same as the one I made for the folder for girls. It features four pockets for books, notepads or some papers and a pocket for a pen.

As you can see, I really got carried away with my favourite running stitch and got lost in a myriad of tiny stitches. It was so much fun just drawing on fabric and then filling it all in with red and brown threads. When I finished the folder for Girls, I felt a bit sad because the folder did not have any elements done by hand stitching, neither it had applique elements. So I made sure that this one had it all.

I love the tiny boat with the anchor, and the seagulls flying away. I even made a small tag with scraps of fabric, just for fun. It can be used as a bookmark I think.

How cute it the wind spinner made with the same fabric as the insides of the pockets. I still have two more fabrics (Woodland Walk and Ava and Friends) by Belle & Boo that I already started working with. I am very curious to see how the new projects are going to turn out. Happy creating!

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