Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beautiful Mess

Let me show you something. Do you know what it is? Well, this is the unexpected gifts that caused some pleasant distractions that I mentioned some time ago.

I was very lucky to get a gift from a Friend of mine, who works in a bridal boutique. She gave me a huge bag full of fabric scraps. Not just any fabric, but beautiful delicate fabrics that wedding dresses are made of - satin, silk georgette, tulle and lace. They throw them away! Our living room turned into a beautiful mess once I emptied the content of the bag on the floor. My mind went spinning... roses, purses, bags, more roses... Beautiful mess that inspires me, fills my head with ideas. Now you can see why I got distracted for almost three days in a row, I just kept folding and rearranging these bits and pieces of fabrics and lace, dreaming away and sketching what I could do.

These are just a few beautiful roses that I made in a matter of a few minutes (after I spent almost three days just rearranging the scraps and looking at them). The roses can be used as a decoration for a purse or a bag. They can be turned into brooches, hair clips, hair band decorations or can even be made into a necklace. For now I will just keep making them and storing them in a vase. My Boys thought they were meringues when they saw them on the dining table in the vase. How funny!

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