Friday, 2 August 2013

Work in Progress: Something For Myself

This project is proving to be challenging. I spent so much time trying to find the right fabric for the lining and pockets. I had a countless number of combinations but none of them felt right. Some colours were too bright, some too gloomy, some too flowery and some simply too boring. I really struggled with this print as never before. Even I like this pattern very much, I found it quite tricky to pair it with other fabrics. I wonder what other crafters came up with while sewing with Woodland Walk fabric by Belle & Boo.

As I mentioned before, I don't really have a dedicated space for my creative work. I mostly work in the living room and sunroom, sometimes in the kitchen. Somedays I stay put in one place, others I might move around. While working on Funky Birds Mini Quilt, I realised how comfortable and convenient it was to use the quilt as a working mat. So when I was creating folders for Boys and Girls, I thought "Why not make a folder for myself that can be used as a mat at the same time??" Great idea! Don't you think so?

There are many different patterns of sewing kits available on the internet, but none of them suited me. So I figured that I had to design my very own take along sewing/stitching kit. After a lot of thinking and sketching, experimenting, sewing and stitching, I came up with something that I am going to show you soon but for now have a great weekend and enjoy stitching!

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