Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Work in Progress: A Home for Fedor

Remember Fedor, the sad Bunny? I think he might cheer up a bit now. He is getting a new home, a new place to live in, so he is moving out of that plain and boring sketch pad. I hope he likes his new cozy home as much as I like making it.

My take along stitching folder is proving to be very useful. All I need is right here and once I am done, it all goes away and looks neat and tidy. This project is fun fun fun apart from one sad thing - my sore fingers.

Note to Self: Thing number one: when it comes to hand sewing, DO NOT attempt to finish it all in one go. Thing number two: find a way to protect fingers so you won't end up in pain for a few days afterwards.

I don't like using thimbles, I rarely use them and only when I need to stitch in tough places. They feel absolutely uncomfortable and slow me down. Sometimes I put a couple of layers of band-aids around my fingers and it seems to help a bit. I think it's time I go and get myself some Finger Gloves, this is what I think they are called. I know, they don't look fancy but who cares about fancy when a project needs to be finished. When it's midnight and everyone is asleep and you are still in the warmth of the kitchen stitching away completely absorbed in threads and needles. So here it is - Finger Gloves are on my shopping list for the next shopping trip.

Happy shopping and safe stitching everyone!

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