Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Small Distraction

I have been sick for a while. A few days in bed without any sewing or stitching was hard. I could not even read or sketch because of a bad headache. Once I felt better, I needed some distraction, something to make me feel back to normal again. So the first thing I thought of was stitching of course. I had to make something quick and easy.

A small bag for herbs seemed like a perfect idea at that very moment. I always have some dry herbs at home - camomile, mint, calendula, yarrow... I prefer natural remedies to any kind of medications. Even my not so Little Boy enjoys a cup of camomile tea with honey before he goes to bed or with extra honey and lemon when he is not well.

Usually the herbs are stored in plastic bags or containers, something I always wanted to replace but only now got a chance to do that. I don't think I am going to stop at just one bag. I already made a few sketches of different herbs and can't wait to start working on them once I finish the little purses, the project I started before I got sick. Stay well and keep on stitching!

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