Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Adorable, Funky, Wonky, Crazy Cat

A long time ago, when my Not So Little Boy was really Little, he made a drawing of a cat that he called simply "My Cat". No, we didn't have a cat and he never wanted to have one but in his imaginary world it was his cat. Absolutely adorable, funky, wonky, crazy cat that I simply fell in love with from the first sight.

We always talked about making t-shirts for all of us with a print of this cat but we never managed to do that. But yesterday morning I had an idea - why not stitch a smaller version of this cat on something? Not thinking for too long, I scanned the drawing, made it smaller, transferred on calico and got lost for a while in a soothing noise of my sewing machine. A few minutes later the cat was ready. According to my Not So Little Boy, it looked messy but cute. Phew!

While admiring my creation, another idea entered my already excited mind - I was going to turn it into a lunch bag but not any bag. A bag inspired by a brown paper bag. That sounds a bit strange, I know. A few sketches, some calculations, cutting, pinning, sewing, a bit of giggling, more sewing, hammering, finger whacking and this is what I ended up with.  A cute small bag with two snaps at the top.

Now, looking at this bag, I already have a few more ideas; different styles that might work quite well.

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